by Dana Lahis

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Recorded at "Street Music" Studio, Tel-Aviv, Israel, August 2011
Produced by Yotam Ben-Horin
Mixed by John Agnello
Mastered by Roger Seibel


released September 14, 2012

All songs by Dana Lahis
Vocals - Dana Lahis
Guitars - Dana Lahis and Yotam Ben-Horin
Bass - Yotam Ben-Horin
Drums - Yonatan Lev



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Dana Lahis Israel

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Track Name: Purple Blues
Your beauty lies but I got nothing to do
but fall for you.
The yellow buzzing of a spring afternoon
keeps me in tune.
Intoxicated by the air on it's own,
I play alone.

And when I play everyday means war,
but I won't stop till I get some more.

I'll follow blindly through anxiety maze,
phase after phase.
The shaky hands that play this slow purple blues
got nothing to lose.

And when they play everyday means war,
but they won't stop till they get some more.

There's no loss of opportunity,
just choices in reality, see…
You and I can somehow co-exist
as long as we keep surviving this mist.

And when we play everyday means war,
but we won't stop till we get some more.
Track Name: September Air
September air, I've worked hard enough to feel you,
without bleeding inside.
And now that it's too damn good to just believe it,
I am out of my mind.

You come down with all of your memories
of missed trains and a beating heart.
I should tell you to go away but
my words wouldn't come out.

So there I go to chase tears and inspiration.
I go back to the source, fear and remorse.
Oh is it me or you or both of us together?
Always planting the seeds, with no water.

You come down…
Silence seems so much better now.

September air, your leaves play this quiet music
on the strings of my heart, when we're apart.
So should I just for now open up a window?
Should I let you inside?

You're out there, draining my energies out.
And I'm here, the seeds aren't willing to sprout.
When I look in your eyes something explodes,
like a post autumn winter overdose.
Track Name: Snowball
Story of my life, here, waiting for you to come
back from wherever you are.
I can't save your seat.
Many times I've tried but it just feels like a stone
and it is sitting upon my neck.
You won't let me breath.

We rolled like a snowball and then fell apart.
And I love you darling, but don't break my heart.

One too many times, sitting by the window,
feeling like a widow.
My man is a living dead.
Coming from the fields where all the flowers tend to bloom, can't you try to do it too?
And stop killing me instead.

All I wanted was for you to feel like you're alive,
for a while.
Tell me, baby, what's the use if I can't make you smile?

I closed the door cause I've been there before,
it's a snowball from hell.
Track Name: Only Melancholy
Rainy day, did you come in here to stay?
I can feel your overflow flooding my patio.
Spraying gray, adding needles to the hay,
casting shadows on my heart,
dragging me to the start.

Oh my, weather, what have you done?
Plucked my feathers out one by one.
Lost my place under the sun.

So you left, just as fast as you came by,
no graffiti in the sky, the tears are all vaporized.
Oh, don't you know? Happiness is not for me,
happiness won't set me free.
Only the melancholy.

Well known lump sits in my sore throat.
Endless ocean with no life boat.
Thunder knocking on my door.

They won't go away, not till you tell them to.
It's time to embrace them as a part of you.
Track Name: The Last Leaf
Come around, we're watching the sun sets on the shore.
Don't be scared, it's one of these nature metaphors.
How are you? Maybe you are addicted too.
Cloudy days, witnessing great heroic force,
married or divorced.

You need me now, don't say you don't.
I see your eyes burning like ghosts.

Come around, maybe it's time to shut it down.
Only now, all of your falling yellow leaves,
doubts and crossed believes.

Just know that I am on your side.
Track Name: Mine
You're not gonna tell me not to sit on the lawn.
You're not gonna tell me not to stare at the sun.
If it stings it's no surprise.
If it burns I'll close my eyes.

Your'e not gonna tell me what I cannot repair.
I'll give it a shot, that's what you do when you care.
I don't really have a plan, but I'll do the best I can,
cause I can.

So quite staring at walls, stand up, tall,
and do it in your own way.
I don't need anyone by my side
for the pleasure of being alive.

The sun kinda burned and my repair kinda failed.
At least I have earned the air I should've inhaled
such a long long time ago, when I really did not know..

To stop staring at walls, stand up, tall,
and do it in my own way.
I don't need anyone by my side
for the pleasure of being alive.

It's not easy without you,
but there's nothing I can say or do.
Not easy without you.
Track Name: Summer Will Return
There's so much there inside you really shouldn't hide.
It's just poison.
And if you let it be then maybe you'll be free,
just for a moment.

Tell yourself there's nothing wrong.
Mama raised her baby strong.
Even if it's cloudy now, summer will return.

Your eyes are getting cold.
Your knees are getting old.
Where's your heart at?
As bitter as you sound, there's something underground, and I really like it.

Won't you dig it out for me?
Show me how it used to be?
I know it might be cloudy now but summer will return.
Track Name: Amplified
You inhale this summer air.
We got most of it to share.
Silence and words. Everyone heard your'e not sane enough to sleep at night, no ghosts around.
It's yourself you cannot find, you've lost your ground.
Where would you go?
How would you know you are...

Safe inside your head with all this passion and great obsessions.
You are not insane, don't overrate it.
Your heart is amplified.

Oh I can't wait for this day you'll come to see,
that it's not so hard to charge this battery.
Take what you've got.
Live it on full speed.
Let yourself flow,
then you will know you are...

Safe inside…
Track Name: Superglued
There was a boy, he was born years ago
to his mom and dad and dog and aunt.
Most of the day he just set in his room,
reading books about birds and plants.
When he was 5 he learned just how to fry him an egg.
When he was 20 he learned what metastasis meant.

Boy oh boy, so many torments to destroy.
Yet I know you're superglued to your past and so you should.

Aunty is far and she lives in a bar,
drinking gin on ice in old Paris.
Dad works a lot, he considers the breathing activity a luxury.
The dog past away cause 18 and a half is enough.
And when mommy died it was slow, overwhelming and tough.

Boy oh boy, so many torments to destroy.
Yet I know you're superglued to your past and so you
Let's take a deep breath and let them go, in peace they rest.
We did our best.

What are you more afraid of, baby?
Losing it, or losing someone?
It feels like hell invaded to your bones.
And when it ends, you just don't feel at all.
Track Name: Fourth Dimension
Among the lost and found I found you.
Behind the city lights and weary shores,
you set there on the floor.
Brownie freckles, snow white skin and yellow eyes.
Over all you're not too hard to analyze.

Along the sleepless nights I lost you.
Sometimes it's just too much for fighters too,
as much as I love you.
Sorry darling, I've ran out of fairy dust.
Clear bright colors suddenly turned total rust.

You and me, we're the same.
We won't bleach, we won't change.
We can't change.
We are sunlight fighters,
moonlight divers,
midnight walkers,
silent talkers,
wrong creation,
fourth dimension.